Sunday, February 15, 2009



Religious Tattoos are displayed by people with religious beliefs who want to profess their love and belief for Jesus Christ. It symbolizes our love and devotion to Jesus Christ and his love for us. Religious Tattoos have been growing in popularity in recent times with our generation seeking peace and solace in the almighty. Europeans and Americans have taken to religious tattooing in a big way.

Aborigines were the original people who started tattooing which depicted their forefathers, mythical animals such as dinosaurs, phoenix etc. With Europeans and Americans capturing many regions of the world the art of tattooing suffered to a certain extend. Many of these Aborigines started converting to Christianity which did not favor the tattoo art.

The concept of Religious Tattoo is a very old art and has been done from the ancient ages in different shapes and forms. In the early days Religious Tattooing was widespread among the Polynesian tribes and also certain tribes in Borneo, Cambodia and other pockets of America and Africa.

In recent times Religious Tattoo popularity has seen a jump. Europeans and Americans trying to find solace in religion have taken to Religious Tattooing in a big way to profess their love for the Lord.

In the defense forces of the United States and United Kingdom the soldiers have adopted to religious tattooing to symbolize battles that were fought and won in the ancient times.

Religious tattoos were earlier drawn by using a wide range of dyes, pigments and inorganic substances. Nowadays Religious tattoos are mostly drawn by using safe cosmetic substances which are certified by the FDA in US. Drawing permanent Religious tattoos is a painful procedure. Some more faithful followers prefer to have a permanent religious tattoo of their faith. Permanent religious tattoos are drawn by using electric machines which have group of needles and different colored paints in them. The needle is pierced into the particular area of the body where the tattoo enthusiast wants the design to be embossed. The group of needle is pierced to bring out the shape which is permanently etched into the body.

One of the most important factors that should be taken care of in etching religious tattoos is the hygiene. The needles used for etching should be sterilized and the tattoo artist should ideally wear gloves when he draws the tattoo.

So if you are interested in getting that Religious Tattoo etched choose from the many religious tattoos that symbolize the belief in our Lord.